St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Worship Services

Come join us this Sunday

We come together weekly to praise God, learn from His Word (the Bible), and to encourage each other.

Divine Service-Holy Communion 9:00 am

Readings: Psalm 116:1-9      Old Testament  Isaiah 50: 4-10     Epistle James 3:1-12        Holy Gospel St. Mark  9:14-29   Sermon Text: St. Mark  9:14-29

Sermon Title"God Always Answers Our Prayers for Saving Faith"

Bible Study 10:15 am  Gospel of St. John

What to expect: This is a traditional liturgical, Lutheran service which includes confession and absolution, scripture readings, sermon , reciting the creed, prayers and communion.  Music is mostly contemporary music with some traditional music/hymns. Don't worry, we'll have printed bulletins and slides for you to follow along with if you're new!

Dress is casual.