St. Paul's Lutheran Church

What We Don't Believe

And now, just a few words about what we don't believe....

*We don't believe that when you believe in Christ all your problems will be solved."  Many Christians have difficult times in this life.

*We don't believe in demanding all your money for the support of our ministry."  We are convinced that if our plans are in keeping with God's will, He will motivate sufficient support for the projects.

*We don't believe we are the only Christians who know God and who will get to heaven."  We are but a portion of God's people on earth.  We are part of the Christian Church.

*We don't believe people are weak and uninformed."  We invite your questions, your challenges, and your demand for a faith that meets the needs of your life today.

*We don't believe you have to sacrifice your intelligence to be a Christian."  Christian faith is not opposed to reality and scientific truth.